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Reiki Sessions

Available treatment sessions: 

Half-Hour: $30

Hour: $55

Hour and 1/2: $75

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Scheduling Your Session ...

Please call 620-802-1099 to schedule your Reiki Session with Michelle

We accept cash and credit

What to Expect ...

There will be a brief intake session. Please bring a list of all current medications and dosage. Be prepared to share any physical or emotional issues that you would like treated. This is not a requirement of having a session, but will enable the practitioner to focus on those particular areas. Your information is kept confidential and will be stored under lock and key. 

The session will take place in a private room on a massage table. If you unable to lie for long periods of time we can use a chair instead. Please share this information when scheduling your appointment. 

Wear comfortable clothing. If possible please limit the amount of jewelry and accessories as they may need to be removed. 

During your session you will be encourage to relax, even sleep if you choose to do so. If you are uncomfortable with being touched this is not a problem, Reiki can be performed without touching your body. Instead the hands will hover several inches above your body instead of directly upon you. 

While Reiki is spiritual in nature, it is not a religion. It has no dogma, and there is nothing you must believe in order to receive Reiki Treatment.

Although there has been documented cases of miraculous healing, Reiki is not intended to replace modern medicine and you should never stop taking your medication unless otherwise instructed to do so by your physician. 

Reiki Etiquette ...

~Please turn off cell phone during treatment.
~ For the safety and comfort of other clients, children are only allowed when receiving treatments themselves.
~ Please do not consume alcohol before any treatment.

~ Please allow 24 hours notice to cancel appointments. We reserve the right to charge a $20 no show fee to your next appointment.


  • "I have hooped off nearly 50lbs and toned my core in just a few short months. You know my motto...If your chubby then you gotta put a hoop on it! Love my hoop! "
    Chubby? Put a hoop on it!
  • "When I walked in for my first Basic Hoop class, I thought "There's NO way I'll ever be able to do this!" since I couldn't hula hoop as a child. Well, somewhere in between child..."
    Susan Reed
  • "Thanks to the custom made hoop that I received as a gift for Christmas from Sei Bella Studio, I have hooped off nearly 50lbs. Michelle has been very kind to help me with routine..."
    Stacey Williams
    Happy Hooper

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